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Laundry bag Kinkilia

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Laundry bag: the perfect care!

Kinkilia  laundry bag contains 15-20 diapers and  your reusable wipes.

You can hang it at home wherever it is easier for you by using its functional handles.

But you can also drop it inside a pail: its elastic band will make it fit perfectly

It is designed to contain more diapers by using minimal space!

Made with water-resistant 100% TPU, it avoids  bad smells and it helps you to wash your diapers easily;  no need to prewash or soaking!!!

Inside kinkilia laundry bag  you also find a soft pad: add some tea tree oils drops on it  to avoid germ, bacteria and bad smells.

Easy to use: you will fall in love with it!


Dimensions: approximately 35 x 50 cm

Gentle wash, no softner, no tumble


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