Kinkilia 3 One size pocket & Aio cloth diapers Sweet Dreams

Kinkilia 3 One size pocket & Aio cloth diapers Sweet Dreams


3 reusable one size cloth diapers

Kinkilia one size pocket & all in one cloth diaper, the MUST HAVE diaper for all babies!

This kit includes 3 beautiful diapers:

-2 solid colours: Biking Red and Powder

-1 print: Light Watercolour

-3 microfiber inserts

-3 bamboo shaped inserts


This unique cloth diaper is a one size and an easy to wear diaper with double inserts included: one multi-layer microfiber insert and one bamboo shaped insert.


Pocket or all in one? Choose the option you prefer!

enjoy the ALL IN ONE version by using the microfiber insert inside the bamboo shaped insert

enjoy the POCKET version by inserting the microfiber insert in the pocket of the diaper

Use the Bamboo shaped insert for a natural feeling

Use the Pocket version for a dry feeling


Shell face: TPU

Back: soft FLEECE

Fits: 4-18 kg 8-39 lbs

Prep wash 2-3 times before first use

Wash every 2 days on warm water and Kinkilia detergent

Do not use bleach or fabric softeners

Tumble dry inserts

Hang the diapers (high heat causes excess wear)

Save money and help the environment!

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